Grad Photos are happening Nov. 22-27/21 in Skidmore Lounge!
Come get ready to celebrate your graduation with Grad Photos! Whether they’re for your grandparent’s wall, your LinkedIn profile, or your spot in the yearbook professional graduate and business photos are one of the first steps you get to take in preparing for graduation and the next exciting phase in your life.
Each Grad Photo session is 20 minutes long and includes a variety of 3/4 length shots for both business and graduate portraits. A $15 sitting fee is required at the time of your session, and a fully refundable 60$ deposit is applied as a credit in your student account: should you choose to place an order after viewing your preview photos, the deposit is applied to your order. Should you choose not to order and return your preview photos within 30 days, your deposit will be refunded.
You do not need to make a purchase for your photo to be included on the composite and in our yearbook.
Bring yourself, your smile, and any props you might want to include for your photo session. All regalia (gowns, caps, sashes, etc.) are supplied by your photographer. Please wear a white collared shirt and tie, a white collared blouse, or a v-neck shirt.
Graduate photos are organized by Artona. If you have questions, reach out to Artona via live chat at or email
Any last words? Grad Quotes are due by February 15, 2022.
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