Fill out your grad quote now! Deadline is February 24, 2023
I didn't get grad photos yet - can I still be in the yearbook?
Unfortunately, if you missed Grad Photos (and haven't gotten them externally with Artona by February 8th), we are unable to get your photo into the 2022/2023 Pillar Yearbook. Our team has strict deadlines we need to meet in order to have the book printed and delivered before the last day of school. This deadline is earlier this year as Easter long-weekend is before the end of school, affecting the work week for our publisher.
We are deeply sorry for the disappointment you must feel. Please reach out to Artona about getting your grad photos taken for your personal use.
Book Your 2022/2023 Photos Sessions Now!
If you are graduating in the fall of 2022 or in April 2023, be sure to sign up for an Artona Grad Photo Session! You will only be included in the yearbook if you have your grad photos taken through
Sessions will take place in the Skidmore Lounge on TWU's Langley Campus:
• January 16 - 20, 2023
**Please note the January sessions will no longer be held from January 23 - 25, see correct dates above**
"I missed photos and can't attend in January, what do I do?"
Please visit and book a private photo session at their Vancouver studio. Tell them you are a TWU student and email so we can ensure your photo still gets into the yearbook.
NOTE: In order to be featured in the 2022/23 yearbook, your grad photos must be submitted to Pillar Yearbook by February 1, 2023.
"What do I do if I didn't like my photos from November?"
Great question! First, we're sorry the photos didn't turn out how you wanted. We encourage you to think about why you didn't like them: Was it the cap and gown? Was it the lighting? Was it the style of photography? If these were your reasons, we recommend that you do not take more photos in January. These aspects will not change. If your reasoning was: I had a blemish on my face, my hair was awful, I was sick so have bags under my eyes, my smile wasn't working, or anything else like this - we recommend that you book retakes. 
To book a retake appointment, please contact Artona's customer service team here and note that retake fees do apply. The cost is $35 for casual photos (the ones in your own outfit), $35 for cap/gown photos, or $70 to retake the full session. These fees are not applicable toward your order but you can still use your $60 deposit.
NOTE: In order to be featured in the 2022/23 yearbook, your grad photos must be submitted to Pillar Yearbook by February 1, 2023.

"I don't want my photos from November, how can I get my $60 deposit back?"
Email Artona ( for details on how to receive your $60 deposit. More information can be found at
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